About Us

Just Momming was created with moms in mind.  We want to provide an outlet for moms who need encouragement, want to have a good laugh, or just need to hear the words “ME TOO!”  We have taken our time with this blog to ensure that we produce quality content that will not only lift up others, but also provide a platform to engage in healthy conversations about motherhood.  It is our goal to share our momming journeys and the godly lessons we’ve learned along the way.  Welcome to Just Momming and enjoy!


mollyedit2Molly Moon

Molly is a stay at home wife/mother of 3 young children and surviving one day at a time.  She leads the local MOPS group at her church and manages a home business that she and her husband own.  Alongside her friend Pam, Molly writes for her online blog because she has a passion for bringing a realistic and humorous view of parenting to those around her and believes it’s important to be encouraged and supported through this crazy thing we call parenthood.  Sometimes, she even has time for a hot cup of coffee.  And by hot, she means lukewarm.

pamelaedit1Pamela Coleman

Pamela is the wife of her high school sweetheart and the mother of 2 wildly creative, tiny humans.  It’s been 3 years since she decided to leave her 9-5 career and stay home to focus more on her family.  She, along with her husband, have also chosen to homeschool their children as Pamela feels she has been led to do.  All of this while maintaining their vegan lifestyle.  This has certainly been a journey.  Which is why she and her friend, Molly, have decided to create a blog dedicated to the journey of parenthood.  It is important for Pamela to use her writing to uplift other parents and give them a hopeful, yet realistic, view on “life with kids”.  Enjoy the stories, laugh at the jokes, and be encouraged.