To the Often-Forgotten Work From Home Mom

Today I want to give a shout out to all the work-from-home moms. All moms work hard and are worthy of being acknowledged and reminded of how amazing they are, but I feel like there’s less moms who stay home full time and work while they’re there and today, I want to remind you that we see you, you are literally wonder woman and you’re doing an awesome job.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a work from home mom. There are so many wonderful aspects of being able to stay home, as all stay home moms can attest to. You get to be fully involved and hands on with how your babies are raised. You get to bond with your kids on a whole new level – not actually sure if this is a plus or minus to staying home. I’m going to go with both. Haha. I honestly feel like it’s a blessing to be able to stay home.

But there are a lot of hard parts to staying home as well. The house is messy. Like, when I say messy, I mean pee on the couch, go-gurt in the rug and gum in the hair kind of messy on a daily basis. This is really just due to the fact that people are in the house all day long and living is apparently disgustingly dirty. It also means I can’t go to the bathroom without someone following me in to ask if I can open a snack. I mean, literally, we had to implement a “no food in the bathroom” rule. There’s also no personal space, I never shower (thank you GOD for dry shampoo) and the winter months put us into level red on the self-preservation radar. *sob*.

Now, take all of the good and bad of this, and throw in trying to work from home. As in, not just a little side-line project but a full-time occupation. My husband and I own a business and I run all of the day in/day out operations which includes customer support, financials, management, testing our features and quality assurance etc. It’s a stressful job in and of itself, but then I’ve got little ones running around and screaming and peeing on the couch and putting gum in their hair. Hahaha. Needless to say, it can be a little overwhelming.

Not only that, but it’s extremely hard to find a good balance. Almost every day, I end my day either thinking, “Wow. I got SO much done today…no wait. Don’t I have a kid around here somehwere?” or “I didn’t get anything done today! My daughter cried all day and I have clients mad at me and all these things are broken!”. Either way, I usually always feel like something was lacking.

Now, all of this isn’t to say I’m being insane and neglecting my daughter. That’s not the case at all. I have worked out a pretty good balance for the most part. But you definitely can have days where you end the day feeling a serious amount of mom-guilt or feeling like you’re single handedly running your business into the ground. It can be rough. And all of this surrounded by some other amazing stay at home mamas who sometimes forget that you work from home as well and are constantly trying to plan play dates with you. And while you really want to do the playdates, you know you’re just going to cry into your coffee later that day while you try to play catch up from ignoring the business for half of the day.

Fellow working from home moms. I see you. I hear you. I am you. Hang in there. You’re doing amazing and I know the pains and struggles of each and every day as you work to care for your young ones and also cater to clients. You CAN do this. You are equipped with all of the skills and you’re both an amazing mother and a total MOM BOSS! You’ve got this.

To everyone else. If you know a mom who works from home and watches her little ones from home, keep in mind we have a crazy balance to maintain and don’t take it personal if we can’t do play dates as often. It’s never because we don’t want to or don’t like you, but simply because we are already trying to juggle so much. Thank you for your support and love. 🙂 Let’s do coffee some night when there are NO kids around! Haha.

Love all you mamas! Whether you are a stay at home, work from home or a working mom, you are beautiful, strong, courageous, a wonderful mother and doing an amazing job! Keep at it. 🙂