To Be or Not To Be…Traditional

Did you all have a nice Easter?  We did.  I’m hoping that we all were able to share in the joy of the resurrection of Jesus.  The tomb was empty, praise God!  I have always enjoyed Easter.  Though, in the beginning it was obviously for the egg hunt.  We had our traditions.  As most families do.  Except now, for our own children, we have let go of a lot of those things.  I don’t dye the eggs, we don’t have an Easter brunch or dinner, And I don’t tell the story.  My children don’t believe in Easter bunny (and never have) and I honestly feel like maybe I’m failing them.

I know the importance of why we celebrate and I am glad my children know, its just the other thing.  The family traditions.  Why do we do them?  We do them because when we were little our parents did it for us and their parents did it for them.  This is sort of what it means to have family traditions.  I wonder what will my children do when they get older.  Will they have something to pass on?  I don’t  have a strong desire to do “all the things”, but I fear they will miss out if I don’t start.  Is that crazy?  To want to have something your children can say they enjoyed every year?  To be clear, I am specifically talking about Easter and perhaps Valentine’s Day.  We have Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions.  What about all the other holidays?  I see some moms who do something for every holiday and I think, “Wow, I wish I had thought of that.” or “It would have been fun to at least have done something.”

I’m curious, do you have traditions for every holiday?  Something that you do every year, just for the pure joy of doing it with your family or for your children to have those memories?  For every Holiday?