Fleshy Moments: Girl…You Rude

Listen, before you get offended, please know that I’m talking about someone in particular and it’s not you.  Specifically, I’m talking about myself.  What?! Can’t be! Pam is never rude!  I’m imagining you saying all of this because it sounds good and will make me feel better about what I’m going to write next.  So, last Friday I took my children to the science museum.  I love the science museum.  There are just so many things for the kids to learn and to do.  It’s a field trip for homeschoolers I would say.  Because I believe that learning happens everywhere, this was a great opportunity for us to have lessons somewhere else.

Anyway, we went and it was so much fun.  There was a new exhibit that the children were interested in seeing.  It was a gaming exhibit.  They had video games from the classic arcade style to the ones we have in our homes now.  Not our home actually.  We have yet to purchase a home gaming system.  Well, back to the story.  We were headed downstairs to watch a live show they were doing.  My children were walking down the steps and let me just say they were excited.  While we were going down there was a lady and two young boys with her.  The boys were older than my children, but younger than teenagers.  Does that make sense?  While we were passing by, I heard her say, “they are going down the up side”.

It shouldn’t have bothered me.  The little snark she gave.  I should’ve just ignored it because the truth is my children were technically going down the “up” side.  Though there are no labels and no guards, it’s kind of an unspoken rule.  One that I don’t think should really apply to children who don’t know how to drive yet.  More than that, I felt like she was being rude to me in front of her two boys which I thought was highly inappropriate.  Now, if hadn’t been judging her enough let me go ahead and add in the fact that I responded to her snark.  I said very loudly, “YES, WE ARE!” and continued on my walk downstairs.  I would say that she heard me, but in actuality it was so loud in that building, she probably didn’t hear a word that I said.  However, I felt justified.  I had stood up for my children and returned snark with snark.  It felt good for about thirty minutes.  I know you were probably thinking that I would have immediately felt remorse, but God is still working on me.  What can I say?  Man, I felt so bad.  How could I just say that?  What is wrong with me?  I want to tell you a not so good secret.  I AM as nice as everyone says I am.  Truly.  However, I’m still fleshy sometimes.  I allow my emotions to get the best of me on occasion and I tend to kick myself a lot when it happens.  This time, I should have just extended some grace.  Maybe this woman was having a bad day, maybe she really is a stickler for rules, or maybe it was an opportunity for me to stop and pray for her.

The hard thing about this Christian walk is when you have to walk outside.  Outside of the church, outside of your Christ loving friends, and outside of your well protected emotional box.  I took time to ask God for forgiveness and I even hoped that I could run into her again just so I could apologize.  Sadly, I did not get that chance, but I am reminded that this will not be the only fleshy moment that pops up.  God is a grace giver and I love that about Him.  Can we do the same?