What is That Smell?

Spring has finally sprung here in Minnesota and all of us are so happy. I have literally seen shorts, sundresses, and sandals already and it hasn’t even been a full week! I can name at least ten things I have planned to do in the next two weeks just because it’s getting warmer and we will be outside more. Our school year is almost a wrap. Well…actually…it’s not. We may have taken a few extra days off cause winter blues set in and I did not feel like teaching a thing. Anyway, back to this beautiful spring day. Sunday, I was walking around the house planning my grocery list, and I noticed something stinky. Well, maybe stinky is not the word. Not fresh? I don’t know how to describe it, but I can tell you what it was now that I’ve done the search around my house. Guess what? It was my house. There have been no open windows, no fresh air, and snow soaked shoes/clothes coming in and out of the house for weeks. Forgive me, I did not know houses could have odors like that.  Whenever there is a smell in my home it usually comes from something that is not left in the home for long.  Dirt, garbage, kids…the usual.  You should have seen me walking around trying to figure out where the smell was coming from.   My house is screaming for a spring cleaning and I am ready for it. It’s time to get that “winter” smell out of the house and bring in fresh flower scents. 

Which brings me to my actually topic of discussion. Spring cleaning. Do people still do that? Do people really change out their curtains and clean windows? Cause I’m just trying to see who I shouldn’t invite over to my house out of fear of judgment.

 Kidding, just kidding…sort of.  I really want tips.   I’m going to be honest and I need to know that I can share this with you all without judgement.  Can I do that?  Okay, here it goes.  I don’t clean windows.  Which is why I need to know the best way to clean them.  Do I remove spider webs should they settle in?  Absolutely, but then that’s it. I clean just about every other thing in my house.  Even the occasional baseboard, but windows?  Man, just forget it.  Don’t ask me what my reason behind it is because it’s probably something highly irrational.  So, I need the best tips you have for cleaning windows.   I use all the cleaners found in stores, but where are my DIY moms? Who makes their own cleaners? What suggestions do you have for me?  Hopefully, you will share some things and I will share some things and then we can put it all together and perhaps post it on the site for all the moms.  I mean…I may not be the only one with a stinky house.