Love Your Look

Woah, how did we get to the end of February so fast? I mean It seems like we just started Love Yourself month. Well, I’m excited to bring in the last post of this series and this one really hits home. Love your look is what we will talk about today and it may get deep, but it’s important to get this out in the open.

So many times, SO.MANY.TIMES. I wanted to look like someone else. I had this idea of what beauty was and I didn’t really feel like it ever looked like me. I’m not going to go back to my childhood, that is something we tend to always discuss and I think a lot of us have dealt with our childhood hang-ups as best we could (not all of us).  Let’s talk about now. As an adult. This is what people don’t want to discuss. This is what people want to bury in the back of the closet. Can we be real? One of the pastors I listen to a lot, Pastor Michael Todd, uses the acronym H.O.T. (humble, open, and transparent), and I just love that. Can we be H.O.T. moms today? There were (are) days when I didn’t love the way I looked. Like from head to toe. I’m not even talking about clothing, but we will get there for sure.

My hair doesn’t curl like hers. My hips don’t curve the same as hers. She doesn’t have as many eye crinkles as me. The list can go on and on, but I’m going to stop because you get my drift. As an adult a lot of people think you really do have it figured out. Mainly, you.  Why? Because the media, books, and motivational speakers tell you so. Surely, after you’re married you have it down. No? Well once you have children and your body changes you start to realize all women have those issues. Really? Well, actually, it’s not until you hit your 30s that you really start to appreciate your “flaws”.

Y’all, can we not do this today? Let’s not pretend it’s that easy. Because it’s not.  I have to learn to appreciate the traces of beauty that God has placed inside and out.  I cannot afford to compare myself to other women anymore.  Comparison is the breeding ground for bitterness, gossip, and hatred towards other women.  Most importantly, it starts to chip away at the confidence I have built up about myself over time.  Now wait, I know it sounds like I’m saying the problem is comparison and it is.  It is one of them, but the real problem is my confidence.  Did you read the words I typed carefully?  Because I said that I built up confidence about myself over time.  That is the problem.  I cannot build up confidence for myself and expect it to last.  Why?  Because the foundation was not found in God.  Anytime you build something and the foundation is not stable, you can expect it to eventually fall. Okay, now are you ready for the other part?  We are not stable.  We are constantly being led by our emotions, situations, and events.  That being said, we need an anchor.  The anchor provides stability and allows us to build things that will last.  So, what is your anchor?  Better yet, who?  I have been diligently working to make sure that God is my anchor in all areas of my life.  By doing this I am securing my foundation.  Now when I say things about myself, they are through His filter and I have successfully found the beauty in myself.  I love my look.  I love the moles on my face.  I love the darkness of my eyes.  I love the crisp curls of my hair and I love the creamy color of my skin.  I don’t want to look like anyone else.  I love my look.  I may not feel this way every day because I’m still human, but I have reminders.

When I wake up in the morning, I say nice things about myself.  I look in the mirror and boast about God’s wonderful creation.  Do you say nice things about yourself?  Do you have your anchor?  It’s okay if you don’t look like the next mom.  You weren’t created to.  You were created to stand out.  I know that sounds cliché, but it’s the truth.  We serve a God who is creative enough to have an infinite amount of ideas of what beauty looks like and guess what?  It looks like you.