Love Your Season

Ladies, it’s that time of year again. It’s time to take a whole month to focus on you and ways that you can love yourself. While everyone else is running around finding creative ways to show others how much they love them, here’s a reminder that you need to give yourself some much needed self-love. February is “Love Yourself Month”. ❤

For this first week, I want to discuss loving the season you’re in. In the past, I have written in regards to enduring a hard season of life and hanging onto God throughout it. You can read about that here. However, today I want to equip you with another nugget of wisdom. It is healthy to embrace the season you’re in, even if it’s a hard one. Finding positive aspects and latching onto them, can not only bring you joy, but can bring you freedom!

I tend to be overly optimistic at times, but I’m not naive enough to believe that some seasons in life are just straight up horrible. We may receive hard news, someone may lose a job, finances may be tight, maybe someone you loves has cancer or maybe even a loved one passes away. I am not ignoring the fact that life can, at times, serve up the worst seasons ever. And you know what? It’s okay to be upset, frustrated, angry and confused during these times. And it’s even okay to wish those discouraging seasons in life end quickly.

But I want to give you some insight in being able to embrace, and even love, the season you’re in, no matter what comes with it. If you are in a wonderful season of life, cherish every moment. Live life fully and make many memories. Find your favorite aspects and make it a point to journal or scrapbook or any other way you prefer to save these moments and memories in a way that you can savor and look back at any time. Take lots of pictures and verbally thank God every day for the blessings and parts of your life you’re thankful for.

Now you may be saying, that’s all fine and dandy, but I’m in a truly terrible season in life right now. Don’t worry. I can address this as well. Do you know what my recommendations are for loving disappointing seasons in life? I recommend doing all of the same things I mentioned for wonderful seasons in life. You may say, “Molly, that doesn’t make sense! I just told you I’m in a terrible season of life. There is nothing to cherish, or anything I want pictures of or anything I want to thank God for!”.

That is a lie. If you feel this way in life, Satan has convinced you of a lie. He has made you focus solely on the issues in your life instead of the blessings, and he has kept you from focusing on the solution as well.

Here’s an example. Six months ago, my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. My world was literally turned upside down. You can read some of my fresh and raw emotions on this subject here. At first, all I could focus on was this terrible and untimely tragedy. It consumed my every thought and brought me immense grief. While it is not only acceptable, but healthy to grieve during a loss like that, what’s not healthy is letting it overrun your life and stamp out everything good in life.

Yes, my father passed away and it was a very tough and trying season in life. But you know what else was going on in life? I had an amazing and loving husband who provided all of the love and support I could need. I had three amazing children who were growing and learning new things every day. I had a brand new home that God had blessed us with to use for his purposes. There were still so many exciting blessings that were present in life during that time. By not allowing the grief and horrendous experience of losing my father overshadow all of the positive aspects that were still going on in my life, it allowed me to find unexpected joy. It allowed me to focus on the love and family and blessings I still had. And it allowed me to look past the gloom and into what the future held.

This is a concept that can apply to us all. To the mom who is exhausted and completely over caring for three young children day in and day out, remember this. You have been blessed with three tiny little humans and they are only this age once. Embrace the moments. You can feel frustrated, tired, angry, impatient, but embrace it. You are loved, you’ve been given three babies when some can’t even have one. These little snuggles and hugs and your children being needy won’t always last forever and some day, you’re going to miss this stage of life.

No matter where you are in life or what season you’re in, it’s time to find all of the good and latch onto to it. Enjoy every aspect of your life and keep those happy memories to look back on later. This is a great way to show yourself love and bring joy into your life.