Because I Know You Needed a Laugh

Sometimes being a mom can get overwhelming. We get frustrated and exhausted and we can even lose sight of all the wonders of being a parent. We forget to savor the moments and all of the little details that we will one day miss once our kids are older. And included in this are those moments where you just raise your head to heaven yelling, “Is this real life???” because it just can’t be. But often those moments can turn out to be our most cherished memories later. I have such a memory to share with you.

~ ~ ~

It was a weeknight and we were feeling lazy and John didn’t feel like cooking that night (my hubby cooks all of our meals but that’s for another time). We packed the three little amigos in their carseats and headed for the restaurant we all know and love: Chick-Fil-A.

Upon the promise of being able to run around in the play area, my kids scarfed down their meals in record time. And in record time, I don’t actually mean fast, but it was faster than the normal hour and a half dinner time ritual we endure each night *eye roll into the next century*.

We were seated at a very centrally positioned table, so we let the two older boys go off and play while we continued to chat and attempt to successfully feed the baby a few more bites of chicken. I kept thinking, “Man, it feels nice to be able to relax here, stress-free while the older two play and I can have an actual adult conversation with my husband”.

I should have known right then and there that fate was about to take a turn. Just then the door to the play area came flying open and my 4 year old came blasting through the door. He zoomed past us and was running through the door of the bathroom before I could even comprehend that he had been holding his bottom and screaming (yes SCREAMING), “I needa go poooooooop!!!!”.

Ya’ll, this is one of those situations where you just want to pretend that that wasn’t your kid who just ran through the restaurant (you know, where people are eating and stuff) yelling about needing to poop. It could NOT have been my kid who streaked past us with his hand all but “holding” it all in. *face palm*. But alas, it was my child.

I sent my husband in to check on him because honestly, I had no idea what kind of disaster awaited inside that bathroom. Praise the LORD that he went running into the men’s bathroom. 😉

After what seemed a worrisome amount of time, my husband and 4 year old returned from the bathroom and everything at least seemed to appear okay. That is, until my son came running up to me announcing that, “I have no underwear on Mommy!!”. And guys, my middle child is not quiet. This was a restaurant-wide announcement.

Moms. I wish that was the end of the story. But just when I thought I had reached the peak of embarrassment, it turned out I was wrong.

We quickly hushed him and told him that was private news and didn’t need to be shared so loudly or publicly (or proudly for that matter). My husband informed me that the shorts he was wearing probably weren’t that “clean” either, so we better get home and cleaned up. Oh yay. We started packing everything up and as my oldest son approached the table to get his coat and was questioning why we needed to leave so abruptly, my sweet, lovable and hilarious middle child of mine “whispered” (ya’ll know 4 year olds can’t actually whisper, right?) to his older sibling that he was not wearing underwear. You know, just in case someone in the restaurant missed this news the first time around.

And then…..and then! *insert sobbing face*. As my oldest son was like “whaaaaa?”, my younger son decided to prove to his older brother that this was in fact true. So, he proceeded to “show” his brother that he wasn’t wearing his underwear. Friends. My son mooned the entirety of Chick-Fil-A. Lord, I couldn’t get out of that place fast enough.

But let me tell you something mamas. As much as I was mortified that night and embarrassed beyond belief, when I look back at this memory now, I can’t help but laugh. Parenthood is a mysterious and unpredictable ride. And sometimes things make us angry, embarrassed or just speechless, but in the end, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. These moments of hilarity will be what we look back on and laugh about when our kids are grown. They’ll be the stories we tell when they bring home their first “serious” girlfriends.

What kinds of mortifying moments of mamahood have now turned into your favorite memories?