Myth Busters: Homeschool Edition

By now I’m sure you all know that I homeschool.  You have to know that this was not something I thought I would be doing at anytime.  I had not considered this form of education as something that would be desired or needed.  Well, we are four years into homeschooling and I don’t think I could have it any other way.  Has it been hard?  Yes.  I’ve had people in my family not support my decision and it’s not always easy when you don’t have family support.  I’ve had friends question my capabilities.  Which is equally hard.  I’ve also had random strangers say all sorts of things and ask the most outlandish questions.  It’s ridiculous.  So, I thought, how about I do some myth busting?  Just to clear the air.   

Myth-Busters (Homeschool Edition) 

 MYTH: Homeschooled children are stuck at home most of the day. That must be so boring and probably makes it hard for them to focus on their school work.  

BUSTED: So, you believe a child confined to one building most of the day is bored?  Oh, the irony.  Actually, most children who are homeschooled rarely spend their entire day in the house.  Because, education happens everywhere, you will find that a majority of families that homeschool, choose to do so in many different ways and many different places.  I, myself, have taught while doing nature trails, going to the zoo, visiting art museums, the library, and so many other places.  The truth is, I should probably stay home more.  Our schedule is usually filled with activities and meetups with friends or other homeschoolers. 

MYTH: A lot of homeschooling moms are stay at home moms who were also homeschooled and didn’t go to college.  They are not qualified to teach. 

BUSTED: Well, I can certainly say that I was not homeschooled.  I’ve come into contact with so many parents who homeschool yet were not homeschooled when they were younger.  Are there some moms who may not hold their college degree?  Sure, but that does not devalue what they do for their families or the work they put in as a teacher to their children.  A lot of the moms, I’ve met went to public or private schools.  They just chose to homeschool.  I’ve met several moms who own their own businesses.  They are pastors, nurses, scientists, vets, and the occasional pilot.  Some of them are even teachers who have stepped down from their position to focus on the education of their own children.  We are all qualified to teach our children because they learn at home first.  Most parents homeschool their children before sending them to public school and don’t even know it. Why? Because their view of education is so narrow and they believe it can only happen if all these other tiny parts are in play.  That is not the case.  By law, you are qualified to homeschool your child because you are their parent.  If the law says you’re qualified…why allow others to question it?   

MYTH: Homeschoolers are socially awkward.  Probably because they don’t socialize with children their own age. 

BUSTED:  Well, we finally get to the meat and potatoes, as they say.  Or in my case, tofu and potatoes ( a little vegan joke that you probably didn’t find funny.  That’s okay, I never said I was a comedian).  Okay, so we have tons of research that shows this is not true.  In fact, research and studies show that in some cases, homeschoolers are more socialized than their peers in school.  Socialization is defined as the process beginning during childhood by which individuals acquire the values, habits, and attitudes of a society. 

 Nothing about the school being the place for it.  A lot of homeschooled children are awesome with socialization because they go just about everywhere.  They interact with people of all different ages.  Which, if you think about it, are you well socialized?  If so, are the only people you interact with your age?  Or is there a range of ages?  The Seattle based Discovery Institute conducted a study in which they got a group of homeschoolers and children who attend school, together to play.  They are of the same age.  The counselors who didn’t know which children were homeschooled noted that those who were homeschooled demonstrated fewer behavioral issues.  They attributed this in part, to the fact that while children in public school have their peers as their main role models, homeschoolers have adults as their main role models.  This is not to say that this will always be the case, it’s just a study.  I don’t even really like to bring them up, but people keep trying to give me statistics and I just have to research on my own.  You should too.  You know… if you actually want to know. 

MYTH: Homeschooling families hate the school system and teachers. 

BUSTED:  This…this is just dumb.  While I am sure there are some people who have a problem with the school system, it does not only include homeschoolers.  In fact, I know a lot of families who homeschool one or two of their children and the other is in school.  Why?  because it’s about the individual needs of that family and the child.  In fact, there are many former teachers who now homeschool their children.  They have so much love and respect for those in education.  I do as well, I love teachers.  I cannot imagine the amount of pressure they are under or what they deal with daily as they enter the classroom.  They have my respect and prayers.  Teachers are honestly a gift and those called to that position, are doing the work of the Lord.  Truly.  That being said, this myth should just disappear.  For me, I had plans to put my children in school and I felt the tug to homeschool.  Out of the blue.  I had not been planning on it or even knew anyone that was homeschooling.  It just happened.   I think a lot of us just enjoy the connection we have with our family.  We love the environment in which we get to teach.  We love the flexibility we have in schedules, so we are able to help our children in other areas as well as nurture their love for certain activities that they excel in. 

There are plenty of other myths I would like to bust, but I will have to do that another time.  Thank you for reading, as always.  Those who are interested in homeschooling please write me and let me know.  I would love to share any information I have.  Those that already homeschool, write me if you would like to connect.  Those who don’t homeschool and don’t plan to homeschool, I hope you found this post interesting, and if you have friends that homeschool, continue to be a support system for them.  They would really appreciate it.  Also, please know that it doesn’t matter how you choose to educate your children.  That is based on what your family decides is best.  My thoughts are with all parents as they ask the Lord what is best for their family.  I pray that you have peace with what you choose and know that it’s the right decision for your family.  Much love y’all, I’m out.