Have you Mastered the Mom Style?

We can try to fight it or we can choose to embrace it, but there’s just no way around it. If you have young children in the home, you have a style – mom style. I, for one, have fully embraced my mom style. At least for this season in my life. Let’s see how many of these mom style requirements you meet. 

Clean hair means it’s day 2 of dry shampoo hair

Sean Hayes Jack Mcfarland GIF - SeanHayes JackMcfarland WillAndGrace GIFs

You have someone else’s food on at least one piece of clothing you’re wearing. At all times. Like whether you’re clueless or you know it and are ignoring it.


Spaghetti Messy GIF - Spaghetti Messy Kid GIFs

When you wear jeans, you wear mom jeans. But not like the sexy “in style” kind. More like the “my body weight fluctuates because of kids so I’ve given up” kind of jeans

Mom Jeans GIF - 90s Fashion MomJeans GIFs

And most of the time, you don’t even bother with jeans. I mean, who would when you can wear sweats or yoga pants all the time?

Sweatpants And Staying Home GIF - Sweatpants StayingHome Lazy GIFs

You don’t have a daily t-shirt, you have a “this is my shirt until the next time I shower” t-shirt (it pairs nicely with the sweat pants)

13. “New Clothes” GIF - ForgettingSarahMarshall JasonSegel Sweatpants GIFs

Sunglasses. They go with every outfit and help with the sun. They also hide your eyes when you have no makeup on or have yesterday’s makeup on…..

Cool GIF - Blackish TooCool Cool GIFs

And speaking of yesterday’s makeup. The only smokey eye you sport is when it’s a result of yesterday’s makeup not getting washed off before bed the night before

Makeup Makeup Make Up GIF - Girly MakeUp MakeOver GIFs

Brand name clothes? What are those? All of your clothes are either bargain brand or Target if you’ve splurged.

Get In Loser We're Going Shopping GIF - MeanGirls RachelMcAdams GetIn GIFs

You sport some kind of oversized purse/diaper bag combo that holds anything and everything you may need 

Skinnypop Girl GIF - Skinnypop Girl Popcorn GIFs

Flip flops or boots…there is no in between.

Havaianas / Chinelo / / Verão GIF - Havaianas FlipFlops Summer GIFs

And now that it’s Fall, hoodies, hoodies, and did I mention hoodies?

Goodnight Amy Poehler GIF - Goodnight AmyPoehler PeaceOut GIFs

And on the off occasion we aren’t dressed in any of the above ways and are wearing, you know, just like “normal” people clothes, everyone says “Ooohhh don’t you look fancy all dressed up!” *facepalm*

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Well there you have it – the typical “mom style”. At least it is for me right now. And for all of you amazing moms who actually have your look together right now, we congratulate you and solute you on a job well done. We’ll get there some day….. 🙂