Our family just purchased a home. Our first house in Minnesota! We are so thrilled and ready to put down roots. It wasn’t expected because we didn’t know we were going to fall in love with the state. However, once we did, we began to pray about it. Although we are close to moving in, we are still a few days away and are staying with some really good friends. I could write about my friends all day, they are just that awesome, but I want to talk to you about grace.

During this transition, it has been a little hard on the kids. Well…maybe just my son. He has been having so much fun with his friends that he just doesn’t want to stop. He is having a hard time listening and that is causing a few issues for me. My first reaction is to be upset and go into punishment mode. What I’m learning though, is that our situation is really strange to him. He is six years old. He kind of understands, but not really.  To go from waking up in your own room to waking up with your entire family in the same room is a little strange for him.  To go from visiting friends to seeing them every day because you live with them is also a little strange.  Keeping this in mind, God impressed on me to extend a little grace.  Under normal circumstances, I would handle the situation like I always do, but his isn’t normal.  At least not for him.

It is hard for me though.  It’s how I was raised.  I was raised to obey as quickly as I could. I’m sure I had my moments around his age, but I can also remember my mom only having to tell me something once.  I want that so badly for myself.  Sometimes I even base my success as a mom on whether my child listens and obeys the first time.  How crazy is that?  You don’t have to answer that, I already know.  Which is why grace needs to also be extended to me.  Right?  I need to take the pressure off of myself.  I’m not in my usual environment so I can’t expect things to go as usual.  Simple concept, hard to grasp. At least for me it’s hard to grasp.

So I have to tell myself that it’s okay if my son didn’t hear me the first time.  I think as moms, we need to practice on extending ourselves some grace.  Daily.  It shouldn’t be all or nothing.  Although, this is what we tend to do.  Are there some areas in your life where things aren’t in their normal setup?  If so, those are the times you need to extend some grace.  Recognize that the situation will more than likely require a different strategy.  Pray about it so that God can intervene on your behalf and for your sanity. Then, respond. It’s what I’ve been having to do.  I haven’t been great at this last week, but I’m still working on it.  What about you?  Are you extending a little grace this week?