Two Moms are Better than One

My family is in a time of transition right now. We are blessed enough to be building a new home and we are also blessed to have sold our current home quickly. Now the only thing I need is to be blessed with a good attitude about all this packing. Ha! (for real though…I need a better attitude). And because I’m me, we are also hosting another family for two weeks while they’re waiting to close on a new house. Friends have offered their house to us between homes as well and we love to pass blessings along, so we’re so glad to be able to do this.

A part of me was very apprehensive – not because I regretted the offer or because I was stressed about the extra bodies in the house, but because I realized my every parenting moment was about to be on display. My friend is also a SAHM and this meant, all of those momming mishaps I have, or the days I am just a crabby mombie for no reason were no longer going to be hidden behind closed doors. I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about this.

However, we are a few days into this commune adventure and I am happy to report that I’m having a great time! Not only are we able to bond more with our friends, but I have been reminded of a really significant aspect of motherhood. We need mama friends and we need to spend time around those friends. And not just over text, but in their physical presence.

I haven’t felt watched or subconscious about my parenting while they’ve been here. It’s actually been refreshing to see another mom as she parents because it’s assisted me in squashing any lies that Satan has been trying to attack me with about the way I parent.

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve gotten to the end of my day and I am just over it; done with parenting for the day and Satan tries to get at me telling me that I’m a bad mother and that I didn’t even have that hard of a day. If I’m feeling that stressed out, I’m not cut out for this motherhood thing etc etc. Can I tell you how amazing it is to look over and see my friend right there with me?

It was completely eye opening! I was able to see the situation for what it was. My friend is an incredible mother, and we were both tired and ready for our kids to be in bed. This validated my feelings and allowed me to resist what Satan was trying to convince me of. And not only that, but when we realized we were both right there alongside each other in our feelings, we got to hug it out and support one another.

And as I sit here typing in my pajamas with a creased brow and yesterday’s mascara on my face because it’s Monday morning, I don’t feel defeated or attacked. I feel rejuvenated by knowing I’m not alone in thinking Monday mornings are the worst because my friend shares those feelings as well.

I want to challenge you moms to get out of your house and be around your friends. I know, I know. Getting kids packed and loaded up and going out anywhere is beyond stressful some days. But guess what? When you pull up and see your mom friend frazzled as well, you can pull one another into an embrace and support one another, share parenting horror stories and create a support system that allows you to be reminded constantly that you’re not alone in how you’re feeling or what you’re experiencing and it allows you to be confident enough to recognize and fight off Satan’s attacks.