Burnout is REAL

Too many times I have had this conversation with moms.  I guess I have such a heart for moms.  We do so much for everyone and often times, so little for ourselves.  I want to let you know something, the burnout is real.  It’s something that all moms go through at some point and I feel like mine is just around the corner.  I have so many mom friends and I’m always trying to shell out any tips I have to help them avoid the burnout.  I, on the other hand, am a professional at not taking my own advice.  Anyone else like that?  Yeah, I thought so. 

We have our routines, we have our scheduled list of things to do, and we have our meals prepped.  Most of us.  Some of us.  A few…not me.  Anyway, all of those things are helpful, but they can lead to a burnout.  How, you say?  I mean we all love routines, right?  Well, yes and no.  I loved them as a child.  As I’ve gotten older, they’ve become more necessary than desired.  When you reach that point, then on occasion you have to break up the cycle.  I know you think that you can’t live without your schedule, but you have to on occasion.  Because if you don’t take this step back, when it inevitably gets thrown off, you will freak out.  Also, it just adds a bit of excitement back into your mom life. 

Listen, I think schedules are great, but I also think they can be too demanding.  How can they be demanding if you are the one who created it?  Easy answer.  We’re moms.  Most of us want to do everything.  We all want our houses cleaned, dinner ready, lunches packed, furniture dusted, and clothes washed.  If we can schedule it, then we can get it done.  This works if you are really regimented and love to keep to a schedule, but if you don’t, then it can be difficult for you to follow.  For me, I have a schedule, but I use mine differently.  I outline my goals for the month, then my weekly goals, and finally my daily goals.  I set the schedule for the day and then I soak it in.  I look for any holes in it.  After that’s done, I say to myself, “This is what I can do in a day if I follow the schedule.”  It’s never “what I should do.”  By simply changing the wording you use, you can alleviate stress and reduce your chances of burning out.  When I say I should, it adds anxiety to my day.  So, when things go unexpectedly (as they often times do) I don’t get so down on myself.  We all know how important words are and the weight they hold.  We know this because of the words we use with our children.  You watch how you phrase things for them.  If you put to much emphasis on something, then your child may feel inadequate when they don’t accomplish what was set out for them.  Same goes for us.  Yet, we do it to ourselves.  Daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly.  Then we wonder why we get burned out.  Well, if you’re constantly not measuring up to your own standards for the day, I can’t imagine it would take long before you just want to give up.  

So, let’s recap.  We want to avoid burnout.  We need to change the way we view our time and stop overbooking ourselves.  We also need to deviate from the plan on occasion.  It helps you roll with the punches a lot better.  This post was not by accident.  Spring has finally sprung and everyone wants to go outside.  This is the perfect time to rearrange your schedule and just enjoy the time with your family.  I pray you can do that today.