To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn…

It seems like everyone I know right now is entering a new season in life. Some are starting new jobs, others are brand new mothers and yet others are moving out of state and onto a new adventure. And while significant changes in life can bring stress and fear of the unknown, I can’t help but sit here and be jealous.

Many of my friends are not excited about the change in life, but all I keep hoping is that I’ll hit a new season soon. Maybe I’m not the only mom out there feeling this way?

Don’t get me wrong. I love motherhood and I love my children. But right now, I just keep finding myself wanting to move past where I seem to be stuck right now. Life is great and I have more than enough to be thankful for. God has blessed me in every way. But moms, don’t you just have those moments (or days) where you just feel bogged down with the overwhelming feelings that can come along with raising little humans? I know I do. I get caught up in the craziness and the stress and tend to get all worked up. But ladies, I’ve found a phrase that although is used often, has been bringing me peace and hope to hold onto.

Everything is only for a season. I know, I know. Don’t laugh. I’m sure you were expecting something so much more dramatic, inspiring and life changing than that, but that’s what I’ve got for you. Mamas, I’m telling you. Every stage you’re at with your little one is only for a season. And so when I’m in a rough season, this brings me solace.

Baby is screaming all day long because she’s teething? It’s only for a season. Toddler keeps peeing in the corner of your living room every night while he sleep walks? It’s only for a season. Your Kindergartner has suddenly become a moody mini teenager? Breathe. It’s only for a season.

I tell this to myself when I feel overwhelmed with life, which currently means I remind myself daily, maybe sometimes even hourly that I’m just in a season; that everything is only for a season. And while telling myself this is temporary and I can make it through something that surely can’t last forever (can it???), there’s another phrase that rings even more true.

How much more powerful is the fact that in each and every one of these seasons we experience, whether good or bad, God is STILL God! The lyrics to a great worship song state “In every season, He is still God”. And that is so true and gives me so much hope because one of the best parts of God is that He never changes. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! The amazingly faithful and reliable God is STILL on the throne and IN control!

I know that the same God who was faithful to His children in the Bible, and was faithful to my relatives before me, and has been nothing but faithful to me, will continue to be just that; faithful. If you know God’s character (Father, Faithful, Just, Loving, Kind, Provider, Healer etc), then you have a LOT that you can put your faith into. And we have a lot to hold onto as we navigate our way through the crappy moment, hour, day or year we’re having.

When you’re going through a bad season, God is still who He’s always been. And this is GREAT news! Because our God never changes. He stays the same and will for all of eternity. The same God that got you through the last season and trial is there to help you through this one. So moms, just breathe. If you’re going through a hard season, God is still God and He’s got this! We can rejoice in the fact that He is still God through it all!