Love Your Social Time

I don’t often think of social time as being a mandatory part of my mental health. I mean, let’s be real. After a long (and I mean LONG) week of being a chauffeur, chef, professional maid, nurse, preschool teacher and activities director, the absolute last thing to sound appealing to me is going out with my friends.

Don’t get me wrong. I do have friends (I mean a few at least). And I really truly enjoy spending time with them. But tell me, after a ridiculously long week, do you really want to go out with the ladies, or do you want to hide in your closet with a box of Thin Mints, your favorite book and a comfy blankie? For me, it’s definitely the closet option.

There are some mamas out there that do an outstanding job of escaping… er I mean getting out of the house and spending time amongst friends, but I am not one of them. I always aspire to be that trendy mom you see out with her mom gal pals getting mani/pedis and sipping on a mocha latte, but in all honesty, Im just so exhausted that I don’t want to be around friends. I don’t want to be around anyone. I just want to be left alone. In the quiet. With nobody touching me.

While it is beneficial to get your alone time in, it is also healthy to spend time around your friends. Think about this. Before you had kids, did you hang out with friends? Yes, we all did. So now what; we have children but we suddenly don’t have a need for friends anymore? C’mon, that doesn’t add up.

Moms, let’s be real about what this is. It’s just one more aspect of our personal lives that we give up for kids. But not because anyone makes us, but because somehow we convince ourselves it’s just part of being a mom. But it’s not! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

We need to stop painting ourselves as the martyr in this area (I am guilty of this) and just woman up when we’re tired and get out with our friends. Because you know what always happens when you do? You have a blast! And you remember that you’re not alone and that your mommy friends don’t care that maybe you didn’t get a shower in today or that you found a cheerio stuck to the back of your hair because it could have just as easily been them.

Moms, it is important to remember to love yourself in this way. Planning out moments of social time with your friends will bring joy and fulfillment to your life. It brings balance. I realize you may not have as much free time as you once did, but neither do your other mama friends. But being around each other strengthens you as a woman and a mom. Treat yourself to some self-love this week and book some time out of the house with a mommy friend. I promise, you won’t regret it.