Love Your Leisure Time

This February we want to focus on self-love. Here at Just Momming, we started a 4 week series that will highlight some of the things we do to love on ourselves. This week is love your leisure time. How often do you spend your entire day catering to your children, spouse, or others? I do this quite often. At the end of the day there isn’t really any time left for myself. This is the reason we must always value our leisure time.

The way you use your leisure time is completely up to you. For me, it’s my time to read. I am a reader. Forged during the hot summer days of my childhood in Mississippi, I would spend my time reading. This is something my mom developed in me early. For this very reason, it’s something I turn to anytime I feel anxiety or when I’m feeling off balanced. Books are my haven for my leisure time.

If books aren’t your thing, then maybe its grabbing coffee by yourself. Sometimes we just need that space to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee, but I can relate to moms who have to settle for a cold cup a coffee most mornings because…kids.

Maybe your leisure time involves you going shopping alone. I absolutely love being able to look through the racks of clothes or purses without having to remind my kids that we look with our eyes and not with our hands.

Whatever the case, it’s important that as moms, we take the time. We need to rejuvenate our minds as much as we can. Our headspace is constantly being used for storage. We have to pick up the kids early today, there is a school program on Friday, the kids have practice 3 days instead of 2 this week, the doctor appointment is on Tuesday next week, and it goes on and on and on…there isn’t any room for us most days. Don’t let this month pass you by without taking your leisure time and making it count. How are you planning to spend your leisure time? How are you planning to be a better version of yourself this month?

I think the one thing we need to keep in the forefront of our minds is that being good to ourselves means we can be good for our family, our workplace, and our friends. Please let me know some of the things you plan to do during your leisure time. I would love to try some new things. I think I even may want to try crafting (GASP!!!). Drop me a few comments and share with me. I would love to hear from you.