February is Love Yourself Month

As moms, we rarely take time to love ourselves. We focus on caring for everyone else, the house, the errands and attempting to check off the endless to-do list we make mentally each day. But it’s time we focused on ourselves, both for our mental health and for our families.

This February, Just Momming will be narrowing in on different ways that you can “love yourself”. Self care should never be underrated. And if you have a hard time arranging time to care for yourself or if you struggle thinking of ways to pamper yourself, we’ve got your back. Each week, we’ll be posting about a different way to care for yourself and if you’ve learned anything about us at all so far, we will find quick and easy ways to accomplish this!

One area that I tend to struggle in is caring for my skin. Every morning I wake up fully intending to wash my face right away and then take a few moments at the end of my day to clean it again. But then every single day I find myself half way through the day, sipping on a cup of cold coffee and realizing that I may as well just wait until the end of the day to wash up. And then I am so exhausted by the time bedtime is over (however long that may go on), that I convince myself that I can skip it just this once. Except it’s not just once. It’s every single day. *sigh*. Anyone else?

This year is for us! And if I can take small steps to care for myself and remind myself I deserve 5 minutes at the beginning and ending of each day to do this, then I will feel better about myself. And I think we’ve all experienced the euphoria of feeling good about ourselves and how that can fuel us to accomplish more and feel more joy while doing it! 

One product I’ve become attached to is Say Yes face wipes. They have a few different kinds (cucumber, coconut, tomato, carrots etc). My favorites are coconut for moisturizing (plus it smells like a beach) and cucumber for sensitive skin. If you can find a face wipe like this, it can be a really quick and simple fix for those evenings you’re too exhausted to do a full face cleaning routine. It’s a lot better than me forgoing doing any kind of cleaning regime.

I plan on adding more goals to my skin care routine, but for now, this is my first goal. Each day at the bare minimum, I will be cleaning my face at the end of the day with one of these face wipes. I encourage you to make a similar goal for your skin care. Whether it be taking a shower every other day (don’t even get me started on my need for more frequent showers), or buying a nicer face product to use once a day or choosing a healthier makeup to apply on your face; just find a simple one step goal to open the door to better skin care.

If you’ve got really great tips on keeping your skin healthy and clear, be sure to comment below so we can grow from your knowledge. Help a mom out. 🙂 Also, please follow us on Facebook if you do not do so already. You won’t want to miss our surprise post on Wednesday. Happy “Love Yourself” month everyone!

Love Yourself: Love Your Skin