Saving What Remains

Happy New Year moms!  We made it. Thank God we made it to another year.  I was thinking about a lot of things while the year 2017 was coming to a close.  It’s hard to believe that it’s 2018.  It feels like the year literally zoomed by.  I know a lot of people are busy making resolutions and I fully support them.  I, however, stopped this years ago.  My personal New Year’s tradition includes making a list of all of the books I would like to read by the end of the year.  This year will be no different except…except maybe one thing.

I will be adding something to my New Year’s tradition.  I will be “saving what remains”.  This is something that was placed on my heart earlier this year.  I had no idea what God was trying to tell me.  I thought it was the title of a new writing project (still could be, you read it here first!).  By the time New Year’s Eve came, I had gotten the full picture of what God was trying to tell me.  The typical New Year’s resolution includes a long list of things we choose NOT to do anymore.  These are the things we throw away or leave behind in the old year.  I say instead of talking about that, let’s talk about what we will continue to do in the new year.

I think it’s so important to focus on what we did right in 2017, not so much what we did wrong.  All that does is keep us in a state of unforgiveness within ourselves.  It dampens the light that used to shine brightly at the beginning of the year.  As it always does.  This time, let’s save what remains and carry it into the new year.

I will be bringing my new teaching strategies into the new year.  I will also bring my compassion for those outside of the church, my love for home cooked vegan meals, my passion for the arts, organization, my desire for community outreach, my love for baking, my excitement for new family traditions and old ones, my mental focus on writing, the smile on my face, the gray in my hair, the joy of the Lord, the stability of my marriage and family life, my BEST YES, and also my quiet no.

Phew!  I could go on and on because when you look at the things you did right for the year of 2017 or the things you enjoyed, its way more than the things you didn’t do.  I’d rather focus on that.  Saving what remains from the year of 2017 and bringing the goodness of that into 2018 is what’s important.  Ladies, can we refocus for the new year? Can we eat healthy meals and not so healthy meals as long as we enjoy them?  Can we have good days and not so good days as long as we remember who remains on the throne?  Can we have good homeschool days and bad homeschool days without feeling like a failure for the year?  Can we say yes to what we want and no to what don’t want without feeling like we let everyone down?  Yes! Yes, we can!

I declare that we can and we will.  Take time today and think about all of what you’ve done.  Find what remains.  Bring it with you for 2018.

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