An Open Letter to the Lady in the Bathroom

To the lady who was in the bathroom when I came in with my 3 kids, thank you. I don’t know if you genuinely meant what you said or if you were just saying it to encourage me (I choose to believe the first because it makes me feel good), but thank you.

Unbeknownst to you, I was have a pretty crappy day and had had it up to here with my kids. I had to traipse into the bathroom with all 3 children and I was stressed out of my mind. But after overhearing me interact with my kiddos in the bathroom stall, as I came back out you said, “I’ve never met you, but I’ve got to tell you that you are a really good mom”.

I just kind of stood there in shock and I think (?) I mumbled a thank you and then continued to help the boys wash up. As we were getting ready to leave the bathroom, you stopped me again and said, “I mean it. I really think that all moms could learn from you. You are a really good mom”.

Lady, you made my day. Lady, you made my week, my month, my year! Bathroom lady, you made my cry. You have no idea the power of your words in that moment. So thank you.

And to all the mamas out there, if you see a fellow mom or dad with their kids and they are doing a great job, it’s okay to tell them! Trust me, all of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy from time to time and the kind genuine words of a stranger could turn their day around.

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