10 Signs You Have A Good Mom Friend

Moms, you have to know that doing this thing called “motherhood” is always great with a friend.  You have so many opportunities to meet up with other moms.  Sometimes you find a mom you can relate to and other times you don’t.  Let’s be real, a playdate is also your chance to find someone you can laugh and swap stories with.  I have to admit it can be a little hard finding that friend who understands you as a mom.  However, here are a few signs for you to recognize when you have met your mom friend.

You Have a Good Mom Friend If:

  1. She congratulates you on showering for the first time in 3 days
  2. You don’t have to clean up the house before she comes by
  3. She knows you’re only being nice to your kids because you’re out in public
  4. You both express your desire to eat better, but go out and eat all the junk food without hesitation
  5. She doesn’t think twice about the shirt you’ve worn for the last 5 days
  6. Although you never make plans on your “mom” day, you still invite her over because you don’t have to clean up (see #2)
  7. You talk every day, but mostly through text because actual phone calls take a lot of work and you both have kids
  8. She doesn’t bat an eye when you start to cry because…hormones
  9. You both have hobbies that include reading, naps, and Netflix (Okay…maybe only you consider naps as a hobby, but she doesn’t judge you for it)
  10. If anyone understands why you hid in the closet to eat your favorite snack, it’s her 🙂

If you know someone that fits the criteria listed, congratulations!  You have a mom friend and not just any mom friend, she is most likely the friend that will last a life time.  Get ready for stomach aches from laughter, tears over coffee, COFFEE, exhausting yet fun playdates, and so much more!